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“This is what real family-centered care looks like.”

- parent name


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“You’re doing a very good job with my child and I would definitely recommend for other kids. Thank you.”

Espinoza family

“Julie has shown MAJOR improvement this season and I truly believe it’s the great staff here at MedCare!”

Nunez family

“We love our therapists! And the ladies at the front are very helpful and friendly. Great staff!”

Reyes family

“Our experience w/ MedCare has been one of the most enjoyable experiences. I actually look forward to our sessions.”

Morris family

“Great team. Best people in the World.”

Romero family

“This place is amazing. Daniel has improved a lot since starting services at MedCare. Thanks for everything!”

Romero family

“Thank you to the MedCare staff and thank you to Melanie and Jaqueline for everything you do for my son.”

Santibanez family

“I am completely satisfied with the services MedCare has provided.”

Jackson family

“My life has changed ever since I brought my child to MedCare. Adan took his first steps here and they go out of their way to communicate with me.“

Guerrero family

“Once again, MedCare has been a blessing to my family. From the time you walk in to the back clinic, the experience there is true professionalism and love”

Green family

“I love the staff here. My son loves everyone here and looks forward to coming.”

McCoy family

“Nathan does really well with my daughter. He is very patient, caring, and knowledgeable.”

Hernandez family

“I am grateful to all the staff at MedCare who attend to my son’s needs. The staff at all levels from therapists and administrative staff to the drivers, all need to be commended. Thank you MedCare- keep up the good work!”

Bates family

“I’m very satisfied with MedCare services, without your help my son Jorge would not be as independent as he is and I’m very thankful for that”

Mejia family

“We are so happy & proud to talk about MedCare to our children’s schools and friends because of the very loving care our children receive with MedCare therapists. Thank you!!”

Mendez family

“Mrs. April is the best. I am very thankful that she takes the time to understand Lily and her ways in order to help her communicate. She is very thorough and willing to honestly help Lily.”

Lara family

“The staff at MedCare was phenomenal! I am thankful that Hunter has the opportunity to come to this facility and that Emma, along with other staff members, assisted in greatly improving his speech. He is absolutely joyful to attend each session and be among his temporary “family”.”

Nguyen family

“I would like to thank entire staff for all the attention and dedication given to my son. I am 100% satisfied.”

Saenz family

“MedCare is Great! Amy & Amanda are wonderful therapists and appreciate their work with Riley.”

Gregoire family

“I am extremely pleased with our child’s nurse. She is a big support for our family and very educated on my son’s behalf”

Hernandez family

“MedCare is very informative and helpful in all aspects of nursing for home health. Our Nurse is the BEST!!”

Bledsoe family

“The services rendered at MedCare Pediatric Rehab Center are exceptional. The staff demonstrates and expresses the best interest of my son.”

Williams family

“The staff here is absolutely wonderful. My son is learning so much and you can tell he is growing more and more in his thought and speech. You are a true blessing to our family. Thank you”

Wilson family

I love that the everyone at the office is so supportive and work to make all the field staff feel appreciated

Tracy Ogan, RN

My favorite things about MedCare are numerous. I appreciate a company that values their nurses and supports the nursing team. This is evident by the continual of skills check offs and monthly training throughout the year. With MedCare you have a company that is professional and not only sees the importance of their nurses but values the work ethic of caring for their pedi patients. Even when working alone in the home I feel supported which I value tremendously!

Dionne Calvin

I truly enjoy being part of Medcare Pediatric Group for many reasons, but there is one which I will honestly never forget. Recently I had a very special little friend whom was called by our precious Lord into heaven. Her passing has left an everlasting pain in my heart which I know will never heal completely, but will only subside as the years go by. During this time, Melissa E. and Karyn J. extended their arms wide open and took some time to accompany the family during this difficult time in laying their baby to rest. I have worked in the medical field for many years and up to this day, I have never witness supervisors actually take their time to express their condolences personally. Most of the time, flowers are sent with a note or a staff member is sent to represent the clinic/agency, etc.. Seeing them and my follower co-workers (Pauline & Monique) coming together has truly showed me that WE ARE A FAMILY and not just a patient nor an employee. I can't forget Dee...... there are many words to describe her, but the one that comes into my mind is a TRUE FRIEND. I lost two of my cousins a month apart prior to losing my little friend and she was very helpful, understanding and a very good listener. She is not just a scheduler in my eyes. THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US, OUR LITTLE FRIENDS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Reyna Carreon,

I have worked almost 19 years with Medcare and have worked for many other companies, and not one of them can compare. Paige has always treated employees with respect and has given more to her employees than i have seen at other agencies. So I have to say i have stayed because Paige goes above and beyond for her employees.

Francince Chambers

Office staff is great at communication. I never feel stuck or without back up! Plus, I love the continued learning provided! - thank you!

Marty Stepanski, LVN

I find myself bragging about Medcare"s kindness and generosity towards its employees. I have worked for many companies but MedCare is the most thoughtful. I am thankful and blessed to be with MedCare 18 years this year. The staff and owner are the best. Thank you!

Deborah Denissen

My favorite thing about working with Medcare is that the office staff is wonderful and always willing to help or answer questions.

Angel Alexander

My favorite thing about working with MedCare is getting the chance to use various skills every day on a special group of kids.

Nikki Selke

Please review your experience with us on Google!

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