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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy at MedCare Pediatric

Pediatric Speech Therapy focuses on a child's ability to understand spoken words as well as the ability to use words for self-expression. At MedCare, our Speech Therapy involves the management of speech, communication, language, and swallowing disorders in children.

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Request an appointment and a MedCare staff member will call you within two business days or give us a call at 713-995-9292.

All Your Questions —Answered

Are Pediatric Speech Therapy services available in Home?

✓ Home Services Available  ✓ Outpatient Services Available

What insurances plans does MedCare accept for Speech Therapy?

American Specialty Health (Cigna)
Superior Star Health
Traditional Medicaid
Texas Children's Health Plan

Please check our In-Home Therapy section to see the insurances accepted for Home Health.

What is Speech Therapy?

Some children find it hard to communicate either verbally or non-verbally and speech therapy can help overcome these barriers. Our therapists provide assessment and treatment for speech, language and feeding disorders to children diagnosed with a variety of developmental, neurological, cranio-facial, and genetic disorders. MedCare's Speech Therapy services can help your child improve their communication and oral motor issues.

How can Speech Therapy benefit my child?

MedCare's Speech Therapists will help address your child's difficulties with communication, processing conversations and their ability to eat. Some examples of these difficulties include stuttering, inappropriate pronunciation and articulation of words, inability to put words together to have a conversation, and limited vocabulary. Speech Therapy can help with oral feeding concerns, including eating and the ability to swallow, with or without choking.

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Request an appointment and a MedCare staff member will call you within two business days or give us a call at 713-995-9292.

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