Pediatric Speech Therapy

Helping them Talk with Confidence using Pediatric Speech Therapy

Have you noticed that your child struggles to form particular parts of speech or are enduring laughter at school due to a lisp? MedCare Pediatric Group can help! Our fully staffed therapy facility is able to help your child overcome this common developmental delay with pediatric speech therapy. Whether your child has a malformed mouth, may have a hearing disability, or simply never managed to make a proper S sound, with positive support and practice, they can learn to effectively communicate.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Positions them for Success at School and at Work

Our services also extend to pediatric occupational therapy. For our younger patients, they sometimes need to relearn how to hold a pen, pick up a glass, or even walk after suffering an injury. Sometimes we assist teens and young adults who have grown up with physical and mental challenges to prepare for a job. We can come to your home so they can practice in a real world setting or create a classroom environment at the clinic for a smoother transition back to their new normal.

Focusing on the Needs of Your Child

In many instances, the first step toward overcoming what seems to be a huge obstacle in life is finding the right help. When you know that your child faces a physical or mental difficulty, our therapy services may be just the thing that you need. We often work hand in hand with their pediatrician to create a plan of action that can improve quality of living, confidence, and in many cases, a permanent resolution for lingering injuries.

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