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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Help Your Kids Find Their Confidence with Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Pediatric Speech Therapy


Occupational therapy helps work on meaningful activities of daily living. For a child, this can be things such as brushing teeth, buttoning buttons, or handwriting. Occupational therapists are also trained to work on motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication, and play skills. If your child has difficulty tolerating sensory input or difficulty keeping up with peers in the classroom, occupational therapy may be right for them.

MedCare Pediatric Group's reputable occupational therapists address sensory integration issues, concerns with fine, visual and oral motor skills, as well as difficulties in cognitive and attention tasks. We work with children from birth to 21 years of age. 


Some children find it hard to communicate either verbally or nonverbally, and pediatric speech therapy can help overcome these barriers. Our therapists provide assessment and treatment for speech, language and feeding disorders to children diagnosed with a variety of developmental, neurological, cranio-facial, and genetic disorders.

Our speech therapists can help address your child's difficulties with communication, processing conversations and their ability to eat. Some examples of these difficulties include stuttering, inappropriate pronunciation and articulation of words, inability to put words together to have a conversation, and limited vocabulary. Speech Therapy can help with oral feeding concerns, including eating and the ability to swallow, with or without choking.

Whether you’re seeking pediatric occupational therapy or speech therapy, we can help. Give MedCare Pediatric Group a call today to request more information about all of our services, accepted insurance, and available hours for therapy sessions. We would love to help you and your child live a happier, easier life together.

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