Pediatric Physical Therapy

Recover from Injury Faster with Pediatric Physical Therapy

Is your child getting their cast off this summer's broken arm or leg? It's time to sign them up for pediatric physical therapy with MedCare Pediatric Group. Even if you underwent physical therapy for the same injury as an adult, only pediatric specialists understand the proper exercises needed to help your child's growing body continue to heal properly Our therapists and nurses all have the training and certifications needed to ensure your child is able to speed through their recovery.

Pediatric In-Home Therapy that Takes the Stress Out of Making another Appointment

We understand that your busy work schedule does not always allow you to make multiple trips to the clinic for more physical therapy appointments. That is why we also offer pediatric in-home therapy for many of our patients. This can also help many of our younger patients focus on their rehabilitation without the added distraction of working in a new, noisy, and distracting environment. When recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, consistent physical therapy is crucial in effecting a full recovery.

Broken Bones Happen, We can Help Minimize the Impact on their Future

While that broken arm may be a common injury, it can have lasting effects on their health as an adult. Make sure that the accident that caused it becomes nothing more than a distant memory by ensuring your child receives the proper therapy and support after they get the cast off. A poorly healed injury can end up causing persistent pain, weakness, or arthritic damage before they reach their elder years.

MedCare Pediatric Group works with all major insurance carriers and we are happy to coordinate treatment with your pediatrician. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment so we can form a plan of treatment together.

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