Pediatric ABA Therapy

Help Your Child Connect with their World using Pediatric ABA Therapy

Whether your child has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum or is simply struggling to keep up with others in their age group, MedCare Pediatric Group can help with our pediatric ABA therapy services. Consistent and early intervention is recommended to help your child overcome their personal challenges, whether it is a lack of ability to remain focused or even to create meaningful relationships through communication. We offer a variety of therapies in group, individual, or even home settings.

In-home and Clinic-based Therapy Provides Support in a Familiar Environment

Our teachers and therapists have all received extensive training in their field and are able to provide the attention and support your child needs. We offer both in-home and clinic-based therapy so that the parents, siblings, and patient can work together to reap the most benefits from the sessions. We have specialists for speech, occupational, and physical therapies ready to address each obstacle that your child may face. The clinic therapy sessions are encouraged for children that struggle at school but just need added support to find their confidence and stride.

Working with Each Child for a Brighter and More Successful Future

We know that no two children are ever at the same place on the spectrum. We will personalize treatment and therapy just for your child. We can create goals with you, so that you are able to support the lessons they learn by reinforcing concepts at home. Children who enter ABA therapy as soon as possible upon diagnosis can often excel at school and grow into adults able to establish meaningful relationships and enjoy a successful lifestyle. You are investing in their future.

If you have more questions about ABA therapy, give MedCare Pediatric Group a call today. We are happy to provide a tour of the clinic and help you connect with other parents to better understand how to support your child.

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