What is Aquatic Therapy?

canadian pharmacy online Young children who are limited in their physical mobility, for whatever reasons, can benefit greatly from participating in aquatic therapy. Weak muscles and injuries from over use related to involvement in sports can be good reason to check out more information about aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy helps those who are less able get the exercise they need without undue strain on weakened joints and muscles.

trusted tablets pharmacy It is important to understand what aquatic therapy is, essentially, physical therapy in the water. Movement in the water is much more efficient for children with physical restraints such as muscular dystrophy, arthritis and other painful juveniles conditions or injuries. The great thing is that aquatic therapy helps to improve strength and endurance while making it possible to allow for greater range of movement. The water can provide a decent amount of resistance as well as plenty of fun.

canadian pharmacy viagra This fun form of physical therapy allows for maximum training without creating pain from stress in the knees, ankles or hips. There are distinctive traits associated with aquatic therapy that make it very different from more traditional physical therapies. First the natural buoyancy of being in the water provides all around support to the body, making it easier to engage the whole body in movement and strength training. Additionally pools used for aquatic therapy can be warmed in a way that makes the whole therapeutic experience for the muscles more beneficial . Overall movement in the water also helps to promote increased blood circulation, which is a great overall health benefit. Improved circulation reduces problems with swelling of the hands or feet and improves overall function of the organs including the brain.

It can be much easier to work on balance and overall strength while in the water with less stress on the body while reducing the risk of falling. Falling is a serious concern for any children experiencing physical limitations. Additionally greater progress is made at a faster pace when aquatic therapy is used for injury recovery purposes. Range of motion, endurance, flexibility and balance are all improved at an impressive rate with aquatic therapy when compared with traditional physical therapy.

The benefits of aquatic therapy for children also include reduced pain and stiffness and enhanced relaxation. This can be especially important for those children who are constantly dealing with painful conditions that limit their ability to engage in such beneficial activities. Any child who needs low impact activity on a regular basis will benefit from aquatic therapy. This can also be a great approach for those young people who have needed to have orthopedic surgery for any reason. The same is true for any child who is in need to recovery from any physically limiting problem whether long or short term. Integrating the whole family into the process of well-planned aquatic therapy exercises increases fun family time together while also promoting overall strength and healing. For more information about the benefits of aquatic therapy for your child contact our team of expert pediatric therapists today.

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