Testimonials for MedCare Pediatric Group—Praise from Our Patients’ Families

Welcome to MedCare Pediatric Group, a family-owned therapy and nursing care provider with people who strive to offer the quality services you need. We provide you with a community of therapists and nurses trained to handle many medical conditions. Your care is what matters most, and we welcome any suggestions from you on how we can further improve our services.

Of course, apart from suggestions, we also love hearing from our clients about how much they appreciate our services. We can’t help but feel proud whenever the families that we’ve helped let us know that we’ve done a good job. After all, that’s what we always set out to do.

Northshore Clinic

“I love the staff here. My son loves everyone here and looks forward to coming.”

--McCoy family

“Nathan does really well with my daughter. He is very patient, caring, and knowledgeable.”

--Hernandez family

Katy Clinic

“Julie has shown MAJOR improvement this season and I truly believe it’s the great staff here at MedCare Katy!”

--Nunez family

“We love our therapists! And the ladies at the front are very helpful and friendly. Great staff!”

--Reyes family

Stafford Clinic

“Thank you to the MedCare staff and thank you to Melanie and Jaqueline for everything you do for my son.”

--Santibanez family

“I am completely satisfied with the services MedCare has provided.”

--Jackson family

Spring Clinic

“We are so happy & proud to talk about MedCare to our children’s schools and friends because of the very loving care our children receive with MedCare therapists. Thank you!!”

--Mendez family

“Mrs. April is the best. I am very thankful that she takes the time to understand Lily and her ways in order to help her communicate. She is very thorough and willing to honestly help Lily.”

--Lara family

Pasadena Clinic

“You’re doing a very good job with my child and I would definitely recommend for other kids. Thank you.”

--Espinoza family

MedCare is ready to provide your little loved one the physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nursing care needed to overcome any impediments to development. We have five different locations to serve you or we can come to you! Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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