Pasadena Pediatric Physical Therapy: Restoring a Child’s Mobility

Parents want nothing but the best for their children, so they try to provide everything that sparks their kids’ interest, whether it is in music, the arts, or sports. Children can certainly benefit from participating in various sports. Sports provide them exercise, help boost their confidence, and even give them chances for future scholarships.

In many cases, however, children’s sports have become more intense, and young athletes often have to face the pressure of high intensity training. This has led to concerns about the increasing risks of developing sports-related injuries.

Kids Playing Soccer

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries may happen not only in intense training or activities. In fact, some sports-related injuries among children are caused by insufficient or improper training. Other factors, such as not wearing the appropriate gear and safety equipment, and rapid growth during puberty period, may also lead to injuries.

Sports injuries are classified into two categories: acute traumatic injuries and overuse injuries (also known as chronic injuries). Acute traumatic injuries are often caused by a hard blow or force on certain body parts, resulting in concussions, sprains, fractures, and cuts. Overuse injuries, on the other hand, include conditions like tendonitis and stress fractures, which can happen through repetitive training, such as running, throwing baseball pitches, or serving in tennis. Overuse injuries are quite serious as they can deteriorate badly after a certain period. In children, this could mean impeding the normal development of certain functions or body parts.


Generally, athletes suffering from any kind of injury have to undergo medical treatments, which may include surgeries, to help get them back on track. Physical therapy is often part of athletes’ treatment plans, and this is no different for children. Injured local young athletes may consult with a Houston or Pasadena pediatric physical therapy provider like Medcare Pediatric Group, LP, who can develop a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs. The treatment may not only help the child get back to competitive form, but also improve his flexibility, strength, endurance, and other functions, to enhance performance and avoid further injuries.

Treatment may also include occupational therapy, which, along with other remedies, could help injured young athletes get back their full range of motion, as well as improve their balance. Pediatric occupational therapy by Houston or Pasadena practitioners may also help avoid the long term effects of injury to the skeletal development of young athletes.

No doubt, participating in sports can benefit a child in many ways, but it has to be done with care and proper supervision. Pediatric physical and occupational therapy providers offer the kind of caring and treatment that may help young athletes sustain their abilities and minimize the risks to their long term physical development.

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