ABA Therapy

MedCare offers comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment that targets affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and adaptive functioning at the Stafford clinic. MedCare’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst professionals can treat a variety of behaviors, including: severe aggression, self-injury, property destruction, noncompliance, toileting, dressing, feeding and compliance with medical procedures. The focus of treatment involves increasing socially appropriate behavior and reduction of severe problem behavior. Our BCBAs will work with your child and engage in the specific and comprehensive use of principles of learning and address Autism Spectrum Disorder needs in diverse settings. There is evidence that the earlier treatment begins, the greater the likelihood of positive long-term outcomes. So don’t delay, call today! 713-995-9292

Currently, Medicaid does not cover ABA therapy. We accept most commercial plans and private pay for ABA services.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by varying degrees of difficulty in social interaction and verbal and nonverbal communication, and the presence of repetitive behavior and/or restricted interests. Due to the variability and symptom presentation, no two individuals with an ASD diagnosis are the same with respect to how the disorder manifests and its impact on families. Because of the nature of the disorder, people with ASD often will not achieve the ability to function independently without appropriate medically necessary treatment.

ABA is a specific behavioral health treatment of ASD. Nevertheless, ABA has also been demonstrated as effective for treating the symptoms of a variety of conditions, including severe destructive behavior, substance abuse, dementia, pediatric feeding disorders, and traumatic brain injury, among others.

How Does ABA Benefit Those with Autism?

Today, ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective treatment for autism. It has been endorsed by a number of state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Surgeon General and the New York State Department of Health. Over the last decade, the nation has seen a particularly dramatic increase in the use of ABA to help persons with autism live happy and productive lives. In particular, ABA principles and techniques can foster basic skills such as looking, listening and imitating, as well as complex skills such as reading, conversing and understanding another person’s perspective.

For more information about ABA and ASD, visit https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/treatment/applied-behavior-analysis-aba

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