In Home Care Services for Children

No one wants to see a child suffer, particularly parents of children with chronic diseases or severe mental or physical disabilities. It can be hard for a parent to see your child helpless. Although parents want to be there to support and aid their child, it can be a heavy burden to be the primary caregiver of a severely ill child. It requires a lot of mental and physical strength to handle the stress of caring for a child with a disease or disability. As a parent with a sick child, you may want to consider seeking in home care services to help provide your child with additional support and care.

Children with mental or physical disabilities and terminal illnesses need more care and devoted attention than healthy children. Their disabilities and delays prevent them from leading normal lives and they need assistance in even the most simple daily tasks. Some of these children may not be able to do anything for themselves. Being a parent of one of these children can be stressful and may cause you to feel overwhelmed or break down. You should never let your child see this as they may become anxious, upset or even aggressive. Children with special needs often react poorly to stress and it can create other issues. In home care providers can alleviate that stress and help you focus on being positive, loving, and supportive of your child. It requires a lot of patience to care for a child with a disability or disease. Home care providers can take a big weight off your shoulders, but they may not be able to do everything without your cooperation. In many cases, children can benefit from the use of assistive technology or medical equipment to help them perform daily functions. There may be government benefits to utilize in cases where parents cannot afford this equipment. Some examples include wheelchairs or communication devices. Find out what resources are available to help your child and how you can acquire them to help your child lead a more fulfilling life.

As your children and family are your top priority, finding the right in home care provider may not be a simple task. Nurses should be highly qualified, trained and screened to be an in home care pediatric nurse. There are several qualities you should look for when hiring a care-giver for your child. Find a nurse who is skilled in hi-tech nursing care for children. Knowing the care-giver is an expert will help you feel safe and comfortable leaving your child in their hands. They should know how to administer infusion and IV therapy and be familiar with enteral nutrition, or feeding your child through a tube in the stomach, intestine or nose. They should be knowledgable n pediatrics and adolescent care so they can continue to care for the child as they grow. Adjusting to a new caregiver may be difficult, so look for someone who will be able to care for your child for a long time. If your child is an infant, you want to find a nurse with experience in premature infant care. Most importantly, you want to choose a care-giver that you and your child feel comfortable with and who treats you like family. As this person will be in your home on a very regular basis for long periods of time, this person will begin to feel like a part of the family and should treat you as such.

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