What Does it Take to Become a Successful Pediatric Home Care Nurse?

Values of Success: Part 1

Stop and ask yourself this question. How much do you value yourself? Your job? And the work you do? Here is a list of values for you to strive to possess to be a successful pediatric home care nurse in Houston or anywhere else:

  • Accuracy- The wellbeing of the patient under you care should be your top priority. Making mistakes may endanger lives. Always be accurate in your measurements and calculations. Follow MD orders precisely and double check all orders. When in doubt…always call the doctor.
  • Cleanliness- Caring about the environment in which you render care is not only beneficial to you and your co-workers, but your patient as well. It helps prevent the spread of infection and makes it easier for you to carry out your duties.
  • Maximum Utilization of Resources- If you are unsure about a procedure, a medication, a piece of equipment, etc. don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn the correct answer. Don’t assume anything.
  • Orderliness- Keeping your patients’ belongings well organized makes it much easier to do your job effectively. Having to search for supplies in an emergency could be the difference between life and death. Is it everyone’s job to keep things organized (day and night shift). If you use one, then you replace it.
  • Punctuality and Timeliness- Be at work on time. The caregiver or the nurse you are relieving truly appreciates it. Being on time to work builds trust between co-workers and the families.
  • Quality of Services- Make the quality of nursing care you give every day outstanding. Always strive to learn more and improve your nursing skills and knowledge.
  • Reliability- Be reliable and dependable. Home health families depend on you coming to work when scheduled, being on time, and trusting you with the care of their child. Don’t let them down.
  • Responsiveness- If you or a family member have a question, call the office and find an answer. Utilize the nursing office staff to ensure good communication. We are here to help!
  • Safety- Patient safety is very important as well as your own safety. Use good judgement when making transfers or performing any lifting. Remember MedCare has a 50lb weight limit. If you think it is unsafe…..it probably is, so don’t do it. Wait until you have help.
  • Speed of Operations- Good time management will ensure that all patient care gets accomplished and charting is completed before you leave.

Individual success will help you feel great about your day’s accomplishments. Hold your head up high and know that you are the BEST!!!

SBA online course: Establishing Values for your Business; http://www.sba.gov/

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